Most Beautiful Wine Festival of the Year

When wine festivals wear a crown

Admittedly, one can argue about taste. But the award of the "Most Beautiful Wine Festival of the Year", which has been organised by the Pfalzwein-Werbung for many years, has little to do with popular beauty competitions. The jury, which consists of representatives of the wine industry, journalists and reigning and former wine highnesses, wants to revive the Weinfest culture of the Palatinate, with its recommendations. The yearly event is designed to attract  visitors' interest in festivals that combine quality with wine, food, social programmes, ambience and decoration, which are supported by local communities - in short: wine festivals, which offer a special atmosphere and so stand out from the abundance of nearly 200 festivals around the wines of the Palatinate. High quality, but not overly noble, traditional, but not boring, with good wines and good food at reasonable prices - these are some of the criteria used in selecting a festival. The fact that there are many other festivals in the Palatinate besides the 16 festivals in this little issue, which deserved a crown, is beyond question. If you would like to recommend one - just let the Pfalzwein_Werbung know. Perhaps your favourite is soon  to be "the most beautiful wine festival of the year".

SIGMA SPORT Mountainbike-Marathon

Germany's most beautiful mountain bike route with "Trails of the Finest" ... Traditionally starts over the second weekend of August in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

Start and finish: Bachgängel-Parkplatz / Rittergartenstraße Neustadt an der Weinstraße.