An invitation for visitors to learn about the history and culture of the region by discovering the signs and places that tell us something of the past, all of the present and speculate about the future.

Town-Museum Villa Böhm

Interactive history Both documentation and historical exhibits offer you an exciting glimpse of 800 years of Neustadt’s history in one of the town’s most magnificent buildings. Extensive wall and ceiling paintings and decorations are a fitting surrounding for a walk through by gone ages. A programme of topical exhibitions as well as an open-air theatre in the summer make the Villa Böhm an absolute “must” on your tour of Neustadt

Otto Dill - Museum

an art of expression Otto Dill is, along with Max Slevogt, undoubtedly the most widely-known Palatinate artist. His expressive animal paintings, dramatic bullfights but also his landscape scenes vibrate with dynamic power and character. The Otto-Dill Museum, sponsored by the Manfred Vetter Foundation, shows the artistic development of Neustadt’s most famous artist.

Deidesheim Wine Museum

This unusual museum offers you an insight into the culture and variety of the world of wine. Also available are special exhibitions and conferences.
Over the weekend you can also taste wines in the wine cellar.

Other interesting museums:

Historical museum of Palatinate, Speyer

Museo Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Mannheim

Gutenberg Museum