Deutsches Weinlesefest | 30.09. - 10.10.2022

(German Wine Harvest Festival): Is, with the largest winemaker’s procession in Germany, the highlight of the wine festival season in the Palatinate and is how Neustadt celebrates Thanksgiving. Here are the highlights:

• In the wine village "Haiselscher" you can start celebrating from September 24th onwards - with Palatinate specialties and wine.

• The wine festival procession and the brilliant fireworks celebration are the worthy final events of the German Wine Harvest Festival

• An integral part of the colourful festival is the colourful amusement park on the station forecourt, with its wine tasting stalls, sky wheel, swing ride and much more.

Winzerdorf Haiselscher 23.09.2022

Before the start of the Wine Festival, the wine village "Haiselscher" opens. Here new and Palatinate wine is served together with Palatinate specialties. There is also a varied stage program and bands live on stage.

Winzerfestumzug 09.10.2022

Germany's largest wine festival parade is the highlight of the vintage festival. Visited yearly by more than 100,000 visitors, they can admire the floats of the newly - crowned wine queens and princesses and music groups.

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