Starting point: Erfenstein
Distance: 7 kms

Starting point for this round trip is a sandstone block at the junction of Schankentalstrasse in Erfenstein.With a gradient of about 300 metres, the tour can be done in two to three hours. From the car park in Erfenstein, you cross the road between Frankeneck and Elmstein and follow the white- green or white-red trail marker through the valley of Schankental. The Erfenstein Castle lies on your left-hand side. 300 metres beyond the last house there is a path marked with white-green trail marker and signposted" Esthal 4.5 km ", which leads you directly to the castle ruins . After visiting the ruins, follow the white-green or white-red trail markers in the direction of a distinctive rock formation, after which you take the forest path marked with a "1”.The Spangenberg Castle remains on your left. The path leads for another 500 metres to a fork in the road, where a forest track leads up out of the valley. Continue along the forest path marked with a "1 " until you reach street level : Immediately at the junction, a horse path leads uphill for a further 300 metres. You then turn left down a narrow path which ends in Breitenstein, at the parking lot . Behind the parking lot (towards Elmstein ) is an impressive  stone boulder carved with the words - " R. Breitenstein, 500 Schritt "). Follow the steep gravel path for a further 300 metres to a step-like entrance on the left which will lead you via an old castle path to Ruine Breitenstein ( via the gatehouse on the lower castle you can get to the upper castle ).To continue the walk, one can take the wide trail right down through the forest and back to the parking lot. From there, turn towards the Totenkopfstraße (marked with a " 1 ", green-white or green-blue). After passing over the railway of the “Kuckucksbahn” you take the forest path to your left, immediately opposite the trail to the Forsthaus Breitenstein and follow this path which runs parallel to the Totenkopfstraße. After 300 metres you take a left turn up a steep gravel path (Alte Weinweg) and take the first path on the left . After approx. 1000 metres you will see a bench seat where you turn right past the wooden carving of the Stutgarten and up to the castle well.Here you have a choice : you can either turn left onto a horizontal path that leads you in five minutes to Castle Spangenberg, or you can climb to the right follow a forest path to your left until you arrive at a sandstone quarry where the sandstone blocks which were broken out to round off the grazing sites 500 years ago still remain. Ignoring the signs to the castle well, you remain on this trail up to the castle. The descent to your starting point is done via the Alten Burgweg castle path in less than 10 minutes .