Starting point: Parking in the Klausental in Königsbach
Distance: about 18 km
Level of Difficulty: 2-3
Gradient: 320 m
Trail markers: red - white bars / red circle

The trail starts passing the Stations of the Cross to the Klausenkapelle. Here you keep to the left, following either the red-white bars of the trail markers of the number “4”. After a left turn, you can either go via the relatively steep trail marked by red and white bars or you stay on the gently sloping trail of the "4". After the paths meet again, stay on the "4" until the log cabin “ Königsbacher Sängerklause” appears on your right. Then it goes further following the red and white bars up a serpentine path up to the Stabenberg-Gipfel. The red - white trail marker overlaps with the red dot at a junction. You now follow the trail with the red dot. After about another 1 km, you turn right at a junction, and take a narrow path to your left marked with a "3 " towards the Pfalzblick, (a narrow path that looks more like a trench ). Stay on the " 3" which joins the red-white bars trail again and after about 20 minutes you are back at the parking lot in the Klausental.