The Weinspange

Starting point: Parking, Hambach Castle
Distance: about 14 km
Level of difficulty: 3
Gradient: 300 m
Trail markers: a black "W" on a white background

In the "good old days", wine was still transported by horse or ox-drawn carts and wheelbarrows from the wine villages along the edge of the Palatinate Forest and into the Elmsteiner valley. The Weinspange is just such a historic wine-transport trail.
Route: From the parking lot at Hambach Castle - Hohe Loog – Totenkopf – Leonhard-Klein-Quelle – Burg Spangenberg – Erfenstein.
The way back is possible via the Hellerhütte  (white-red markers), past the old ponds belonging to the bishops of those times, past the Kaltenbrunnerhütte, Konigsmühle and further down the white-red trail to the Zwockelsbrücke (and main railway station in Neustadt).