Around the Town of Neustadt

Starting point: Neustadt, Zwockelsbrücke
: about 29 kms, round trip
Level of Difficulty
: 5
: 760 m
Trail markers
: a yellow dot and white-red bar

After leaving the Zwockelsbrücke , at the beginning of Karolinenstraße, the yellow dot  trail marker will lead you, after 7 kms, to the "Kleinen Ebene ". Here there is a shelter and seat benches. At the crossing, follow the yellow-dotted trail past the “Hellerhütte”. Now follow the red bar trail (first in a southern direction) to the Schützhütte (shelter) (4,5 kms) . Then take the white- green trail marker (about 3 kms) to the Leonhard -Klein- Quelle, a delightful spot with a beautiful view and tables and benches inviting you to rest . Continuing along the white- green trail, you will reach the wonderful vantage point looking over  the ruined castle “Spangenberg” and the castle tavern (open weekends only) . Then, from the castle down to the " Höllischtal " . Here, you follow the white- red bar on your way back. After 4 kms you will pass the “Hellerhütte” again and after another 3 kms, alongside the forest ponds , you will reach the  Kaltenbrunnerhütte. Now take the 4 km mark white-red bars trail marker for another 4 kms before, after a total of 29 km, the starting point is reached again.