Hambach Castle

Starting point: Neustadt- Zwockelsbrücke
Distance: about 9 kms, round trip
Gradient: 200 m
Trail marker: red bar

" Up, up to the castle... ": In the same way as the participants of the Hambach Castle uprising of 1832, you can also walk up to the Hambach Castle, leaving, however, the pitchforks and flags of the original uprising at home The trail starts above the main train station . . . , just behind the railway crossing Zwockelsbrücke, on the opposite wall, you will see the trail markers of the Pfälzerwald-Verein forest club. From now on, you only need to follow the red bar trail marker and reach Hambach Castle after about four kilometres.

Recommended. A small extension of the tour ( about 2 kms) via the Andergasse to the Klausentalhütte above the village of Diedesfeld ( same trail marker until shortly before Klausentalhütte , then turn right into the forest to the hut following the blue dot. Hambach Castle can also be reached from the south-east, from Diedesfeld via the Klausentalhütte and the Zeter Berghaus.