A hike up to the Kalmit

Starting point: The main railway station in Neustadt
Distance : 22 kms
Level of Difficulty: medium

The tour begins at the main railway station of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. You turn left and cross back over the railway bridge leading to the “Alter Viehberg” , follow this street until you can turn right into the “Waldstrasse” which you follow up to the edge of the forest. On a winding path you leave the monastery on your right and follow the red circle trail marker leading past the “Nollensattel” after which you will shortly reach the forest. Past the “Speierheld” log cabin you are now on the “Hohe Loog” level track and continue until you reach the “Hohe Loog” forest house, from where you can already see the summit of the Kalmit, your next milestone . Continue to follow the red circle trail marker until you finally reach the parking lot “Hahnenschritt” after which you will, with little further effort, finally reach the summit of the Kalmit with the Kalmithaus . Here you can enjoy the view over the Rhine Valley and on a good day, of the Odenwald on the northern edge of the Black Forest. The way back leads on the same path back to the parking lot . At the next junction, you can opt out for the path with the blue-white bars trail marker. Going this way you go through the Kaltenbrunner valley to the Kaltenbrunner forest tavern. Here you have the possibility to continue your way back on the blue-white bars trail back. However, if you would like to add a short round trip, you can choose the path with the red-white strips marker until you reach the “Hellerhütte” forest cabin. Here you can eat and drink something before following the yellow and then the white dotted trail until you reach again the Kaltenbrunner forest tavern. You then take the path with the blue-white bars, passing the natural monument “Hermannsfels”, before taking a left fork and following the path back to the monastery. You then go back down the Waldstrasse and Alter Viehberg before you finally get back to your starting point, the main railway station .