Sonnenweg to the Wolfsburg

Starting point: Neustadt, Strohmarkt
Distance: about 3 kms (one way)
Level of Difficulty: 2
Trail Marker: red dot

The trail starts at the Strohmarkt and leads initially up the numerous steps of the old stone stairway, Haardter Treppenweg, towards the village of Haardt . At the entrance to the Dr. Welsch terrace, you turn left . Of course, you can also do a small tour of the Dr. Welsch terrace, admire its exotic plants and enjoy the view of Neustadt ( - and so you should ). Past the impressively-renovated Hüllsburg, the trail leads you past old terraced vineyards and gardens. From here, you have a wonderful view over the city of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, looking over to the Hambacher Höhe, on the opposite side of the valley and also far away into the Rhine Valley. After about 4 kms you reach the ruins of the Wolfsburg.