The wines of the Palatinate in figures

The Palatinate ( Pfalz)
Since 1992, the Palatinate has been the second largest wine region in Germany
Vineyard areas
Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstraße
Südliche Weinstraße
Areas planted with vines  
Approx. 23,490 hectares or more than 100 million vines
Wine-making villages 
Number of wine-making villages: 144 
3000 growers, including 1500 full-time
1,520 independent wine-growers
22 wine-growers’ cooperatives
11 wineries and bottlers
An average annual production of 2.5 million hectolitres
(Every third bottle sold in Germany comes from the Palatinate)
Producers groups about 18%
Wine bottlers and traders about 48%
Wine marketing companies about 34%
Export share of total production 25%
Main market: United Kingdom