The first mention of the wine village of Mussbach dates back over 1,300 years. In the middle of the village lies the “Herrenhof”, the oldest wine estate in the Pfalz, once belonging to the Order of St. John (tours on application).

Nowadays used as a Culture Centre for the entire region it offers a multitude of exhibitions and events . The most famous vineyard site is the “Mussbacher Eselshaut”.

As far as wine festivals are concerned, Mussbach need fear no competition from its neighbours. Starting in March the wine-growers show off their finest wines during the “Mussbacher Spitzen”. The first and second weeks in July are the setting for the “Eselshautfest” in the historical Herrenhof whilst the first weekend in August is the date for the “Mussbacher Weinkerwe”. From September to the beginning of November one can then sample the new vintage straight from the grape presses in the Winzergenossenschaft Weinbiet as well as many other wine growers estates.

The Church of St. John, built in gothic style, was once used by Catholics and Protestants alike, as a so-called “simultaneous” church.

The DLR is the centre of education and research into matters concerning both viniculture and viticulture and has a Mediterranean garden, well-worth seeing. The outdoor swimming pool provides the necessary refreshment during the summer whilst Christmas is the time for the Christmas market and warming, spicy mulled wines in the Herrenhof.