As the name suggests, the two villages of Lachen and Speyerdorf have not always been unified. Today, however, these two villages, lying to the south-east of Neustadt, represent the largest of the nine wine villages.

“Lache” is an old-fashioned term meaning a small body of water whilst “Spiridorf” refers to the nearby river of Speyer, nowadays “Speyerbach”. The rural charm of the village with its intricate half-timbered houses constructed both in Franconian as well as Alemannian style dates back to the first settlers, the Celts, the Germanic tribes and the Romans in the year AD 774.

Mighty sculptures are to be found in the garden belonging to Prof. Gernot Rumpf in the Pestalozzistrasse. This famous sculptor created not only the “Elwedritsche” fountain but also the unique sundial on the evangelical church. Sunshine is the buzzword in Lachen-Speyerdorf; in the “Solarpark Flugplatz Lilienthal” the largest solar collection plant in Germany is under construction whilst for railway freaks, Dieter Hofherr has a collection of steam engines, railway carriages and track signals surrounding his house