To the north of Neustadt, where the vineyards „kiss“ the forests, lies the wine village and health spa of Königsbach.

The old village centre, with the country estate built by the suffragan bishop in 1759 (now the wine-estate Engel) and the parish church of St. Johannes captivates its visitors with the olde world charm of its narrow streets and alleyways. The gothic spire of the church contrasts with its baroque nave. Inside there is a winged altar together with one of the last remaining altarpieces in the Pfalz, depicting the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ against a golden background. Here is also the beginning of the Pilgrim’s Path with its 12 stations leading through the “Klausental” to the Chapel of the Holy Fourteen Helpers where, once a year, a festival is held in commemoration of Saint Margaret.

Memories of earlier lords of the manor are rekindled by the name “Hirschhornring”, to be read in the middle of the village. The vicarage of today was once the country residence of the Knights of Hirschhorn (from the Neckar valley).

But it is not only the breathtaking views offered by the village which makes it one of the most attractive places to live in Neustadt, it is also the elegant wines which are produced here in vineyards such as “Idig”, “Ölberg”, “Jesuitengarten” and “Reiterpfad”. Sample just some of these wines in Weingut Sommer or in Weinland Königsbach.