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The intriguing seductiveness of the Palatinate is revealed in its history and culture that intersect and echo the scenes of great European history and this set amongst gentle hills, and the ancient stonework of monuments and castles, ready to tell a story just waiting to be discovered.

Art - Culture - Traditions

The cities:

Trier-Baden Baden-Frankfurt-Mannheim - Heidelberg-Mainz-Speyer-Freiburg-Neustadt-Weinstrasse - Metz - Strasbourg - Colmar - Alsace - Castles of the River Rhine - Deidesheim - German Wine Street - Freinsheim ...

The castles of the River Rhine (UNESCO)

The philosopher’s path in Heidelberg. 
The famous philosophers' trail that has inspired poets and scholars (Philosophengärtchen).

Alsace / Palatinate Travel through villages 
Tour Alsace villages scattered among  hills embellished with castles, towers, and old houses still remaining as they were built. With the possibility of visiting wineries and tasting their wines.

Concentration Camp Natzwiller – the only concentration camp on French soil.

·Hambach Castle (minimum 4 persons)

·Organ concert

·Special Events in Museums: Wilhelm-Hack-Kunsthalle Mannheim, REM, Städel

·Exclusive organ concerts in the most beautiful churches / cathedrals of the Palatinate and Alsace (minimum 8 persons)